First of all, thank you to for trusting iGoFinance.
Our first concern, let it be clear is to contribute to the realization of your projects and thus to achieving your dream.

We all know how important finding funds to transform a paper lying on concrete project is complicated due to the reluctance of traditional financing institutions is strong.

What is

You have a project and you are looking for finance?
You have great ideas and you are looking to meet contributors?
You are a business owner and you are ambitious!
Post your project on and get your project funded!
iGoFinance is your new crowdfunding platform where you can run campaigns to raise funds for your projects.
Thanks to, your dream is about to become reality.
Now you know, you can make your project live.
Push your project online now and take the next step.
You are at 3 clicks away from your dream.

We are the first 100% free crowdfunding portal!
Our primary goal is to help you to get your project funded and thus make dream becomes reality.
We are clearly here to support the business.

As you all know, have a great idea is good thing. Have a great concept in mind is fantastic! Have a business plan ready to go is the way to do things but get the finance to bring your project to life is a long way to go. And we all know that get the money through the traditional financial institutions it’s very hard, so crowdfunding is an amazing alternative you can take advantage of.

Who are we?

We are business minded persons. We like business and we like projects. We mean to support your project, we want to see your concept becomes a successful business.

The iGoFinance Team:

My name is Phyl, I’m the CEO of iGoFinance. My professional background is IT and Finance. I have been working for the past six years in one the major and lager bank in Canada. I have been working closely with trading and forex.

My name is Rohit and am the COO of IgoFinance. With over 20years of comprehensive global experience working across multiple geographies, clients and business lines, delivering business strategies and Strong exposure to International Business and Global customers, I bring the skill and contacts to help you and your business get the required push.

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