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Yukon gold mine
Project Owner: Topdog-logging
Country: CANADA
Project Location:
Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017

One: research
Two: a business plan
Three: the offer
I have researched this mine since 2012.
The owner of Wounded Moose Mining Co. Inc. is a retired miner and engineer who is operating the mine as a hobby during the summer months with a couple of helpers. Assets and claims were incorporated as a Tax Consequence and the resulting Corporation is now for sale.

This operation can easily be ramped up to increase production by utilizing the existing equipment and adding some new assets (primarily a larger sluice plant and a large strong Dozer). Please click here for further up-ramping ideas.

The Wounded Moose Mine is located at the confluence of Wounded Moose Creek and the Indian River. It is near the historic site of “Granville” on Dominion and Sulphur Creeks. For those who watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel and Yukon Gold on the History Channel: Wounded Moose Mine is just upstream of Parker Schnabel’s mine on Scribner Creek and 5 km downstream from Marty and Carl Knutson’s mine on Sulphur Creek. He has been mining at the Wounded Moose Mine for 4 short seasons.

As the mine is more or less a hobby for me, my mining season starts after the May Long Weekend and ends before Labour Day. The season for most others is from April 1st-15th until Oct. 1-15th.

turnkey ready for 1,200 cu yards per shift (see below) An estimated ore body of 13,000,000 loose cubic yards of high grade ore This translates to a potential reserve of approximately 97,000 ounces aw gold, or 82,000 ounces of Fine Gold 99.99%
The only major assumption here is that the gold does not get any better or worse in the balance of the virgin material. 50 Virgin claims 22acres a claim- with potential for 60 more - in the heart of the historic Klondike Gold Fields Wounded Moose Mine is approx. 85 km SE of Dawson City with 2 wheel drive road access for the entire mining season All required permits and water license are in place until 2025.

Owner has done drilling in spots around the claim and that's how they figured that it stay the same pay all throughout the claim. In real estate vernacular, this mine would be known as a ‘fixer-upper’. With some upgrades and renovations it could be an excellent revenue producer because of its ore potential. For example, with a larger sluice plant and some additional heavy equipment, production can easily be ramped up to 1,500 to 2,000 ounces or more. The costs associated with the upgrades required are between $1 million and $2 million.

Important to note that upgrades are all “Capital Assets” that have tax depreciation values and or resale values. The purchase price of $850,000 is approximately 0.9% of projected reserves. New 10 year water license and new 10 year Land Use Permit issued in the spring of 2015. The water license that covers this property is #PM 15-022. The land use permit is MLUA LP 00955. These documents can be verified in Yukon Government Website. In the last 4 years we have mined about 2% of the total land base of sluiceable gravels.

I have done 14 drill holes from one end of the claim to the other and it show consistent gold alone the whole claim. Just got email from him saying what his take was but again only was hobby for him.
He also only hand three guys working for him in his really short season.
300-600 ounces a season is what he recovers. Spends around 80 to 100 thousand on fuel and wages. Witch works out to under half of what the gold is worth. 1 to 2 ounces of gold from 80 to 100 yards of washed dirt.


The plan
2016 season.
in a new wash plant able to run 200 yards an hour.
Two D9 or D10 dozer with ripper
Two excavator’s 40 ton size
Two Front end loaders
one rock truck
Office trailers
Crew of 6-8 to start until mid-June will be starting a night shift once lots of ground is open then will have 10 to 12 employees working.
Go in start of April 1 - 15 2016 with new equipment
Set up the wash plant and bring in the equipment. Start stripping the 10 to 15 feet of over burned off the 6 to 8 feet pay layer of ore gravel with the dozer that we will bring in and the older one that comes with the mine.
Once at pay gravel we will start washing the gold rich gravel well the dozers are opening new ground.
I estimate 1200 to 1800 ounces in this season due to setting up and getting ground opened up.
For the 2017 season
Will bring in one more new dozer and two rock trucks to open more ground faster.
Also hire 12 to 15 employees
With opening more ground, more equipment and more employees we will be able to up the production to 2000 / 2500 ounces.
Day & Night shift all season
For 2018 season
Will be looking into bigger wash plant before season starts. Will be looking for a wash plant that will do 300 to 400 yards an hour to up the production as well as adding one more rock truck and one excavator.
With a wash plant at 300 to 400 yards an hour we will be able to up the production to 2800 / 3600 ounces.
Crew would be 15 to 18 employees
Day & Night shift all season
For 2019 season.
Crew of 15 to 18 employees
Day & Night shift all season
Mine 2800/3600 ounces
For 2020 season
One more dozer to replace the old one that had come with the claim if not broken before this season.
Crew of 15 to 18 employees
Day & Night shift all season.
2800/3600 ounces.
For 2021 season
Crew of 15 to 18 employees
Day & Night shift all season
2800/3600 ounces.


What I am looking for is investor, investors, angel investor, BUSINESS START UP

I'm looking for backing of 2.5 million dollars to buy the claim and some equipment to up the production on this mine. I work the claim with a handpicked crew. You’re welcome to come to the mine any time you want.
You take 60% I take 40% after all expenses are paid, Once you make 8 million In profit I have option to buy you out at the 2.5million where we started with witch will give you a grand total of 10.5 million. I estimate that we will be able to do that with in 6 years minimum to 9 years maximum where I can buy you out or buy a better share.

The deal with owner can be 500 thousand down and then 225 thousand for the next two years if bring in equipment to up production. Or 850 to buy out. The owner is willing to work beside me to see the mine grow.
With the 2.5 million I will put the 500 thousand down on the claim. Buy a new wash plant that will run 200 yards an hour. Two used cat d10 dozers with ripper, two used excavators, two used front end loaders (988c size or just a little smaller) one or two office trailers for bedrooms and cooking. Also fuel and wage money until the first few clean ups are in, and are in the bank to keep the fuel and wages going, I estimate to get 1200 to 1800 ounces of gold this season. For the 2017 season 2000/2500 ounces.

3 weeks we will have a spot stripped and wash plant set up and running.
Season is from April 1-15th to October 1-15th
At 1600 dollars Canadian an ounce getting 1500 ounces this season will be 2.4 million before expenses. Estimated 1 to 1.5 million in profits for 2016 with the right equipment after expenses.

There is only 10 to 15 feet to be removed of over burned to a 6 to 8 foot pay layer. The wash plant will take up to two months to build and ship to claim. Looking to start April 1 as we can go in and strip a big cut for when the wash plant gets on site.
If wash plant is behind we will strip a bigger spot to mine and use the small plant that comes with the claim tell the big one comes in.
I also have a chance to buy monster red from gold rush with a few other peaces or equipment. Monster red will do 300 yards an hour. So with that plant we could do a 2500 ounce season this year of 2016.
Update on monster red. Todd is wanting to move it soon if not sold. Its in the Yukon right now and if he moves it it will be in the usa and will cost way to much to move back up to the Yukon.

Break down of funds

500 thousand to land owner then 225 for two years.
500 thousand for two d9 or d10 dozers.
500 thousand for wash plant.
250 thousand for two excavators.
300 thousand for two front end loaders.
100 thousand for a rock truck.
200 thousand for fuel until the first few clean ups.
100 thousand for wages until first few cleanup and in the bank.
50 thousand for meals.. 3 meals a day for each crew member.


If there is anything you would like to know feel free to ask thanks. You can email me at or call or text 613-921-4061 or 613-921-4175
Thanks Matt button.

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