Needs: $ 5,000.00
Raised: $ 0
Owns: 50%
Needs: 50%
P.Value: $ 10,000.00
Real Estate Market Investment
Project Owner: Charity
Country: CANADA
Project Location:
Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017


I am looking for investors who would like to invest in the real estate market. Because of the market crash, lenders are not giving out mortgages to those that do not qualify to the strict guidelines that have been put in place to protect the market. We will help those that want to own a house work their way to the point where they can with a rent-to-own program. We work closely with the renters to get them ready for home ownership. 

We are seeking investors to make this project viable. People who are in this situation are willing to pay more, if they working towards their owning their own home. 

Thank you for your interest.

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