Needs: $ 1,990.00
Raised: $ 10
Owns: 0%
Needs: 100%
P.Value: $ 2,000.00
Help me to release my first album!
Project Owner: Saffia
Country: JAMAICA
Project Location: Jamaica
Posted Date: 10-Nov-2016
Update Date: 19-Apr-2017

Help me to release my first album!

I'm Zinzee. Born and live in Jamaica I have always loved music especially Rnb and reggae.
In 2012, I have decided to push my passion a lil' further by doing music professionally. So I joined Ansake, my first group. Being in the group as the lead singer has helped me to improve my musicality and gain confident in my unique talent.
In 2013, I left Anskae and decided to pursue my musical venture as a solo artist and a song writer.
I have been on many live performance shows where I collaborated with various know and young artists.

My aim is to release my first album and also do my first video clips and make my dream comes reality.
I'm known for my unique talent and I am extremely confident about making it in the music industry.

Please give me a helping hand, give me that little push to start a real career by recording my album.
Help me to finance this project! Support this project!

Thanks you in advance for your kind support.


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