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The Cataclysm - Dark Horizons
Project Owner: Geri
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Posted Date: 19-Apr-2017
Update Date: 19-Apr-2017


ScorpiGem Films is committed to delivering and taking full advantage of world cinema market that allows people around the world to see our new movie: The Cataclysm - it set in an old alien abandon space cube orbiting a star about 1500 light years from Earth which is still mulling over in my mind.

As a consequence all that is required of me is to write the screenplay and then submit it Roadshow Films and to MGM Studios whom are interested in funding The Cataclysm production but they first require confirmation of subsidy from both NZ Film Commission and Screen Australia. However Screen Australia requires us to register an ABN (Australian Business Number) and they also want to see a finished screenplay before agreeing to a Producer Offset subsidy for our movie.


This scifi film The Cataclysm - Dark Horizons is set in Sydney Australia.

Aliens unknowingly release an evil entity from its confinement whom come under attack. A Team of ex-solders onboard an experimental starship arrive at the disused cube in orbit around a small gas giant orbiting a red dwarf star. The entity ends up destroying Earth and its solar system. However, it’s not a where there is a time agent trapped in the outer reaches of the solar system's new nebular.

At the moment it will take me a while to complete this script as my injuries from the London 7/7 attack in 2005 whixh is still playing up and my computer chair needs replacing as the danm thing is driving me up the wall!

Anyway I’ve recently applied to NZ Writers Guild for a seed grant as this film concept is set in Sydney Australia means they may turn the application down. So where will I turn to? As I need a new computer chair and monitor for writing, etc. 

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