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Poverty Reduction Think Tank
Project Owner: Oleuanna
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Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017

Recently the United Nations reworked its Millennium goals into the new Sustainable Development Goals. This has 17 targets and topics with the ambition of eliminating absolute poverty by 2030. As one of those who will play a part in striving for this ambition, I have formed an organisation of highly qualified and seasoned professional researchers. They are supported by the very best young graduates that want to focus on helping research ways to eradicate extreme poverty, in the UK, Europe and Globally.

I want to re-train as an Agricultural Economist and do a Doctorate in Agricultural Development. This will help with the research in order to work within the Sahel. So to finally be able to get this idea off the drawing board would be beyond a dream but the beginning achievement of my lifetime. I know people are more attracted to tech gadgets and the latest colourful phone app sensations. Enjoyable of course as these are most apps are quite fleeting. This investment will be a lot more far-reaching, even if you don't agree with the purpose, you will still be enabling a small business to get off the ground and start trading. It will create jobs, secure future targets and will hopefully if we reach our objective, begin to reduce the starvation that exists in those least developed countries.


All I need now is you....

Here is a link to my Business Plan 


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