Needs: $ 5,000.00
Raised: $ 0
Owns: 0%
Needs: 100%
P.Value: $ 5,000.00
Assistance Needed
Project Owner: Jessica
Country: CANADA
Project Location:
Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017

Our business and personal financial situation is a mess at the moment. We are in a bit of a desperate situation to say the least.

My husband and I were set to open our business November 1st. I already own a business and we were merging our businesses to one location.

I have a disability and was given back pay from Disability insurance and we used all those funds to get the business up and ready. We paid the deposit on the building, painted, supplies etc. 

3 days prior to opening the business, the town inspector came to our location to meet with us. It was at that time we were informed that legally we were NOT allowed in the building and we were unable to open. There is an evacuation order on the building due to safety and neither businesses could open. The landlord removed the evacuation order from the window and never told us about it.

We met with the town office a few times to discuss change of use permits, parking issues etc. Not once did they tell us anything about the evacuation order.

My husband has left his job due to the fact his business was to open the next week.

The owner of the building in is out of the country and left his son in charge while he was away. His son is refusing to deal with the situation. All we wanted was the money back we put into the building around $1900. We are in fact out a lot more due to the fact that our business isn't open, my husband left his job and we were forced to close and relocate.
By December 1st quick adding we will be out close to $10,000 in wages, business income etc.

We have since found another location in Flesherton and are doing everything we can to get this business up and running but due to not being refunded we have no funds to do so let alone our personal situation is in an emergency situation. We have 4 children and have no clue how we are going to buy groceries for next week (we are in that bad of financial despair)

The landlord where we are is extremely kind and we haven't paid him any rent as yet but it will be due soon.

There are a few renovations (new flooring and a sink in the kitchen to pass health inspection)that need to be done at the new location and we have NO funds to do this. And can NOT open until these are done.

At this time and because of the current situation we have no money for rent, food, etc. My children and us are suffering financially greatly

Sorry for the long email and it is not my intention to make anyone feel bad for us, we just need help to get our business open completely so we can take care of our family financially. And quite honest? We are in a desperate situation.

If you have read this far, I thank you and any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything legally that can be done? Are you willing to help us?


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