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Time To Help Your Family Health
Project Owner: anthony.casenave
Country: CANADA
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Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017

Since many years, I have a lot of conflict in my family. My name is Anthony, and I am a young 19 years student.

One day, I were asking me if I can fix those problems, because it's not possible to live like this. And three years ago, I found a extraordinay tool. 

A tool that change my life and help me to understand other people around me. A tool that help to understand your children, or your parents. A tool who help you to know what career you want to make. This tool can help me why other people act like they act. This tool is the "MBTI" . The problem with this tool : it is pretty complicated to understand and it asks you to spend a lot of time.

It is why I want to create a website where it is easy to understand this tool and I want to help many families who need this tool to have a better environement and a better understanding.

If I ask 2000 $ CAD It is because I have 4,25 dollars on my bank account and I already buy my website but I made a mistake and my website has been deleted. I need 1'500 $ to buy a training that will help me to build my website and all the others stuff to make it work. 

The rest of money is to buy some material like a camera, somes tools to build the website.

I really want to help the most families I can with this website, because I finally find a solution and I want to share it with maximum families in the need. 

So If like me you want to help your family and make the conflits disapear you can help me to build this website.

Thank to all of you


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