Needs: $ 22,500.00
Raised: $ 0
Owns: 85%
Needs: 15%
P.Value: $ 150,000.00
Ferme aux rives
Project Owner: lawardell
Country: CANADA
Project Location:
Posted Date: 28-Nov-2017
Update Date: 28-Nov-2017

Using 15 acres of agricultural land situated on the Castor River in Ottawa, Ontario. our goal is to turn this former zoo into a working farm using hydroponically equipped modular farm pods. eacvh pod can grow over 3500 plants in zip towers that are in a computer controlled climate. LED lighting provides the heat and light needed for year round plant production. 

Ferme aux rives is committed to social responsibility and inclusivity and, as such, will offer residence and employment to people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Who is the right customer?

The right customer for us is your local grocery store, restaurant or retirement home.

How will these customers find us?

We will seek out customers and present our products to consumers in store. 


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