1. How to create / Post a Project

How can I create and post a new project?
You can create and post a new project if you are only member of the website.
Because iGoFinance needs some personal information from you to be able to create your profile and account on our platform.
Your personal will be securely protected.
1.  Create a new project:
If you are not connected, the system will prompt you to do so.

a.  From the main page:
Click on Post your project, Share your idea or Connect to Investors, the trees buttons will direct you to the Register page.
See the second screen below.

b. If you are new on
Complete the below Register form if you are not a member of yet.

c. To members
If you are already connected, you will display the screen below.
Please complete properly your project. Before you save and push it online make sure you have fully filled out the form.
If you are not sure save it as draft.

2. Steps to create a Project

1. Write your Project title
2. Select the Project type
3. Determine the Project value
4. The Percentage of your Need
5. Select your Project Category
6. Select your project Currency
Save it now as Draft
7. Start Writing your project or copy/paste from a word, html document any others...
8. Upload Images (especially the main one) and videos if you have on YouTube
Save it now as Draft
9. Start Setting your project rewards
10. Save your reward and add new one if needed
Save it now as Draft
11. Save and push your project Online only after several verifications.

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